Annual Job Fair & Mentor Connect

The SACC Job Fair and Mentor Connect is an annual diversity recruitment and professional mentorship platform with the intent to connect companies with a diverse group of candidates, across all levels of career growth, including recent graduates and lateral professionals.

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SACC Annual Gala

The Annual Gala is the highlight event of the American Sikh Community in the United States. The Gala provides the community with an opportunity to meet successful entrepreneurs and professionals from different verticals in an engaging atmosphere where you can network and learn ways to better yourself, your career and your business. Events always include either an inspirational segment or educational information session, where you leave with a sense of empowerment or newly found skills to push your business/career to the next level.

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SACC Leadership Summit

The SACC Leadership Summit was launched in 2015 to bring together global leaders in the community to discuss important topics with the business and professional community at length. Invited speakers may include individuals or a panel of experts in a certain field who present information to attending Chamber members, and then answer questions from the audience. Also, it is a great opportunity to meet and network with industry leaders and hear them share ideas, inspiration and advice.

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SACC Summer Picnic

SACC Summer Picnic is a fun retreat for all our members and their families. A time to come together, the day is spent having fun playing games, volleyball matches and great food too. It’s an opportunity for our members, and their families, to network in a more casual environment.

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SACC Charter Member (CM) Rendezvous

The SACC Charter Member Rendezvous is an unmatched opportunity for the SACC Charter Members to network in a meaningful and sociable way. The Rendezvous serves as an excellent way to foster closer ties amongst the CM community, and thereby furthers the mission of our organization. It is an invitation only event where you and your better half are invited to meet and network with a successful and highly accomplished group of people.

Rendezvous Photo Gallery: 2015

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